Tuition payments are due on the first (1st) and sixteenth (16th) of each month.  Below is the semi-monthly tuition rate for each classroom.

Infants $730
Toddlers $730
Twos $515
Preschool $480

Our tuition is calculated semi-monthly.  If you wish to compare these rates with the more commonly used “weekly rates”, multiple our rate by 24 and then divide by 52 to get the equivalent amount in a “weekly rate”.

Greenway Learning Center’s rates in a weekly rate format:

Infants  $337/week $330
Toddlers   $337/week $330
Twos   $238/week $230
Preschool   $222/week $217

“Weekly rates” are given here for comparison purposes only.  Payment is due on a semi-monthly basis, the 1st and the 16th of the month.